A Look Back with Attention to the Future

RICCARDO MUTI MUSIC RECORDS is the Record Label producing audiovisual recordings of Riccardo Muti on an exclusive basis.
RMMUSIC holds and manages Riccardo Muti’s image and recording rights.
Its productions are entirely Made in Italy.

In addition to registering the execution of the concert and the opera, RMMUSIC undertakes to record what happens during the preparation stages, when the conductor rehearses with singers, orchestra, at the piano and during the score analysis.

RMMUSIC gives the opportunity to see a “behind-the-scenes” usually unexplored by the general public of music lovers, to better understand the extraordinary world of classical music.

RMMUSIC is convinced that this audiovisual content is important today and in the future, most of all for new generations of musicians facing the operatic and symphonic world.

This way, even an audience with less experience can get closer to the world of music with a higher preparation and no fear.

Riccardo Muti for RMMUSIC

RMMUSIC Records was formed to give life to audiovisual recordings of my rehearsals and performances, not because they reveal the absolute truth but because they can offer young musicians insight and counsel coming from my many decades of experience working around the world.
Studying under Antonino Votto, Arturo Toscanini’s assistant at La Scala in the 1920s, I received markings and clarifications directly passed on by Toscanini, who himself had been a cellist under Giuseppe Verdi.
As Toscanini passed on his experience and knowledge to his young assistants, Votto did the same with his students. I was fortunate enough to be one.
With the teaching I received from the line of Verdi-Toscanini-Votto, I, too, endeavor to extend my experience and knowledge to young musicians, who then in turn can pass on to future generations, thus continuing an important chain in the history of musical interpretation.
In 2015, I had the idea of forming an Italian Opera Academy for young conductors and opera coaches. In it, I would offer my perspective on how to prepare Italian opera and what methods to follow, those that to this day have mostly disappeared. This, unfortunately, may
be the primarily reason for the decline of preparatory techniques once considered the pride of the great Italian conducting school.
RMMusic and the Italian Opera Academy serve to support the teaching of young musicians. I believe they can be just as useful in the future as they are today, in schools, theaters and circumstances where a glimpse of the past with yet a view of the future can be an incentive to revitalize something that might otherwise be lost.

Riccardo Muti

We work with: national and international television networks, newspapers, record labels, editors, and the most prestigious orchestras and theaters of the world.

Made in Italy

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