Legal Terms and Warnings

Version 00 – April 2020

General provisions

  • Scope of the Warnings. By virtue of these Warnings, RMMusic S.r.l. (“RMM”), the owner of the websites,, (“Websites”), shall lay down the rules governing the access to the Websites, the use of the same and the related contents.
  • Scope of application. These Warnings apply: (i) to any person accessing and using the Websites, also when surfing the web, for any reason whatsoever, as simple visitor (“Visitor”); (ii) to RMM’s customers, namely natural persons/consumers, having a business relationship with RMM and using the Websites as a result of said relationship. However, it has to be taken into account that subjects acting for professional aims toward RMM are also treated as customers. For the sake of clarity, it should be noted that customers may also be Visitors, and not vice versa. These Warnings apply also to accounts, directly or indirectly, managed by RMM, on the main social media channels (“Social Channels”, such as, for
    example, Facebook™, Twitter™, Instagram™, etc.), ascribable to RMM.
  • Revisions and effect. RMM may at any time modify the Warnings, by marking any release with a progressive identification number, starting from the first one marked by the identification number “00”. Any new version of the Warnings will be applied to customers and Visitors, once said new version has made available on the Websites.
  • Data processing. The information on the processing of personal data and the use of cookies are set out in the “Privacy Policy” and “Cookies” webpages.
  • General Condition. The General Conditions of sale (“Conditions”) govern the contractual relationships involving RMM and customers.
  • Governing law. These Warnings are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Italy.

Contents of the Websites

  • The website is the official website of the Maestro Riccardo Muti (“Maestro”), and is aimed at reporting the activity of the Maestro and the initiatives, also of a business nature, connected to his professional and artistic image. The website presents and, at the same time, refers to the website dedicated to the “Riccardo Muti Opera Academy” project and to the website “Riccardo Muti Music”.
  • The website is referred to the “Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy” project, aimed at teaching the Italian opera repertoire to young conductors, singers and opera coaches/assistant conductors, in the presence of the public.
  • The website is referred to the e-commerce activity and, in particular, markets (i) the Maestro’s rehearsals, concert and performances in audio and video format (CD, DVD, vinyls/LP) and using on demand streaming services (“Streaming”) as well as (ii) books, publications and gift ideas.

Visitors’ duties and liabilities

  • Visitors’ liability.  Visitors shall comply with the Warnings and the instructions published on the Websites. 
  • Visitors’ duties. Without prejudice to the above, Visitors undertake to:
    – use the Websites in compliance with all applicable national, E.U. and international laws, including, but not limited to, those in the field of copyright, industrial property and competition, as well as all applicable guideline and decisions, issued by Public Authorities, whether national or foreign;
    – use the Websites with due care, diligence and good faith, exclusively for lawful, legitimate and reasonable purposes and in any case in accordance with the goals of the Websites;
    – avoid any irregular and/or abusive use of the Websites, which may cause interruptions, malfunctions, damages, even if potential, to the Websites and their functionality.

RMM’s rights

  • Autonomy of RMM. RMM enjoys a high degree of autonomy in the Websites management and may at any time modify the Websites and the relevant access procedures.
  • Suspensions and interruptions of Websites. RMM does not warrant that the access to the Websites will be continuous and uninterrupted and, therefore, RMM will have the right to suspend and/or interrupt, at its sole discretion, the access to the Websites, in the following cases, including (but not limited to):
    the occurrence of an event of force majeure or Act of God;

    – any act or omission by any third party who, for whatever reason, provide access to the Internet (as an example, internet access providers);

    – any unlawful and/or illegitimate activities carried out by third parties;

    – any technical operations connected with the management, maintenance, updating, modification and/or implementation of the Websites;

    – any circumstance anyhow related to the protection of the Websites, including (but not limited to) one of the following circumstances which has occurred or is occurring: any use of the Websites which may expose the Websites to any danger or instability, causing damages and/or adverse consequences; abnormal traffic volumes or in any case traffic volumes which may preclude the normal functioning of the Websites;

    – any communication made by Public Authorities pointing out any unlawful or improper use of the Websites or in any case any use contrary to mandatory rules, public order or morality.

Websites of third parties, viruses and malwares

  • Third parties’ websites. RMM shall not be responsible for any content of webpages and websites reachable through any link from the Websites, which may result, by way of example, from web advertising services.
  • Viruses and malwares. Notwithstanding the periodic monitoring of the Websites, RMM may not warrant that the Websites will be free of computer viruses or any other software programs having potentially harmful effects. Prior to accessing the Internet and the Websites and performing any operation, Visitors shall adopt the most updated protection measures.

Intellectual and industrial property rights

  • Intellectual and industrial property. Visitors acknowledge and agree that the Websites as well as all information, images, photographs, videos, domain names, trademarks (registered or unregistered) patents, softwares, databases, know-how, and/or intellectual works or otherwise any intangibles protected by any national, E.U. and international laws, regulations and treaties in force in the field of intellectual and industrial property, which may be used through the Websites or displayed on the Websites, are covered by the intellectual and industrial property rights enjoyed by RMM (“Intangibles”) and undertake to respect them; it being understood that the access and/or use of the Websites shall not be construed as a grant or implied grant of any right to themselves.
  • Non-authorized uses. Without prejudice to the above provision, Visitors are not allowed to make any use of the Websites which is not in compliance with the Warnings and instructions published on the Websites. It is hereby expressly forbidden any and all activities consisting in any reproduction, sale, modification, distribution, broadcasting, communication or republishing in full or in part of the Websites and the Intangibles, without the previous written consent of RMM or of the respective owners.