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  • Lessons and relationship with the young musicians during the Riccardo Muti Italian Opera Academy 
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Teaching music is fundamental for the society. We [Italians] gave the names to the notes, we created the most extraordinary instruments, we invented the opera which is appreciated all over the world… We must go back to that path.

Ignorance of music is ignorance of our own roots
and without roots the plant dies.

[…] I went with Orchestra Cherubini for the rehearsal on Mozart’s Jupiter. An extremely difficult symphony, that enchants you and flatters you at the beginning, but culminates in the purest metaphysics at the end. I chose to have a few hours open rehearsal, inviting the town. I would speak, explain, make examples. In the end, there was a standing ovation of sincere gratitude of people who suddenly could climb over a wall and get to enjoy the pleasure of music.”

Riccardo Muti

Riccardo Muti Digital Theatre

Always at the theater through your devices.

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Riccardo Muti
Digital Theatre

Always at the theater through you devices

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