Excerpt of the concert that Riccardo Muti described as:

“One of the most important concerts of ‘The Roads of Frienship’”

In 2017, on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of this project, more than 200 Italian and Iranian artists were conducted by Maestro Muti in the universal language of Giuseppe Verdi, thus ideally bringing together Ravenna and Tehran – both cities with a millennial history: one, a small jewel adorned with mosaics, the other, a metropolis surrounded by desertic mountains – where love for music overcomes any difference.

With Orchestra Giovanile Luigi Cherubini, musicians of the main Symphonic-Operatic Foundations and Choir of Teatro Municipale di Piacenza, next to the Symphonic Orchestra and Choir of Tehran.

Iran – July, 6th 2017

Ravenna – July, 8th 2017

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