Born in Naples, he studied piano at the Conservatory of San Pietro a Majella under Vincenzo Vitale, graduating with distinction. He was subsequently awarded a diploma in Composition and Conducting from the Conservatory "Giuseppe Verdi," Milan, where he studied under the guidance of Bruno Bettinelli and Antonino Votto.

He first came to the attention of critics and the public in 1967, when he was unanimously awarded first place by the prestigious jury of the "Guido Cantelli" competition for conductors in Milan.[read more]



Verdi Requiem - Riccardo Muti and The Chicago Symphony Orchestra



october 10th, 2013

7:30 p.m. GMT -5

2:30 october 11th (Italy time)

ON DEMAND on riccardomutimusic.com

starting from otcober 11th


Noche mágica en la catedral de Toledo con Verdi bajo la batuta de Muti y la presencia de la Reina y Rajoy.

12/04/2014, TOLEDO


Dos mil personas en el templo primado.


Riccardo Muti will lead off a complete CSO cycle of Schubert symphonies

by Lawrence A. Johnson


Riccardo Muti will lead off a complete CSO cycle of Schubert symphonies

With the Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Verdi bicentennial celebration completed, Riccardo Muti and the orchestra will now turn their attention to Franz Schubert, this season's second featured composer. Starting Thursday night, Muti and the CSO, back from a successful European tour, will embark on a complete cycle of Schubert symphonies, which will run through the rest of the season.


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