Cookies Policy

Version 00 – June 2020

Preliminary remarks

    • Definitions. In this document, the following terms generally indicated with a capital letter (whether they
      are singular or plural), save otherwise specified herein, shall have the meaning set out in the privacy
      policy for users (“Privacy Policy for users”) published on the RMM’s websites
       (;;; “Websites”).
    • Controller. By this Policy, the RMM, in its capacity as controller (“Controller”), fulfils its obligations to
      provide information to the Website users (“Data Subjects”), regarding the processing of personal data,
      collected by automated procedures through the Websites.
    • Regulatory framework. This Policy is released: (i) as regards the European Union, in accordance with
      section 5 of the Directive 2002/58/EC, amended by Directive 2009/136/EC and with GDPR; (ii) as
      regards the National Data Protection Laws, in accordance with section 122 of the Personal data
      Protection Code, amended by Legislative Decree 101/2018 as well as with the decision n. 229/2014 of
      the Italian Data Protection Authority on cookies, available at the following links:
    • Amendments. The Policy may from time to time be amended/revised, for many reasons, including, but
      not limited to, changes of the Italian and EU legislation concerned and business needs. In the event of
      any amendment, the new versions of the Policy shall be published on the Websites, marked with
      progressive identification numbers (“01”, “02”, etc.). The new versions shall be valid and enforceable
      from the publication date.
    • Cross-reference. The Policy supplements the provisions contained in the Privacy Policy for users and in
      any information messages published on the Websites.

    What are cookies

    • General information on cookies. Cookies are small text files, that are collected by automatic procedures
      through the use of the Websites and saved on the Data Subjects’ terminal equipment when navigating the
      Websites, to be then re-transmitted during subsequent navigation and any use of the Websites.
    • Classification. Cookies are necessary to manage the Websites and to provide services by RMM and to
      avail the usage of the Websites by the Data Subjects’ and, particularly, to improve their browsing
      experience. Cookies differ depending on the type and purpose, as hereinafter described.

    Types and purposes and deactivation of cookies used by the Controller

    • Technical cookies. The Websites use browsing and functional cookies, in relation to activities that are
      strictly necessary for the Websites functionality and use by Data Subjects. Browsing cookies are
      essential to enable Data Subjects to have access to various areas of the Websites. Functional cookies are used to enable Data Subjects to avail themselves of some functionalities of the Websites, which are essential in order to provide services, including, but not limited to, filling in forms, accessing personal
      accounts, saving of the name and language used by Data Subjects, items added to the shopping basket
      and forwarding newsletters, adjustments made on the text and font size and, in general, to enable Data
      Subjects to make customized choices.
    • Analytics cookies of third parties. The Websites use analytics cookies of third parties in order to identify what parts, elements or services of the Websites are most appreciated by Data Subjects. The cookie concerned is set by Google Analytics, which provides a tool for anonymous and aggregate testing
      activities, related to the information resulting from the use of the Websites by the Data Subjects. This
      cookie is not property of the Controller and thus, to get more information on its functionalities, Data
      Subjects are invited to read the privacy policy provided by Google Inc. available at the following links:
    • Deactivation of analytics cookies of third parties. Data Subjects may decide to not allow the use of
      analytics cookies of third parties, by alternatively choosing the following options:
      a. to utilize the anonymous navigation of browser. Said option prevents from the use of any cookies set
      by third parties (not only by Google Inc.). For convenience, reference is made to the following
      webpages of the main search engines, from which it is possible to activate/deactivate anonymous
      navigation: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Apple Safari.
      b. to disable exclusively the Google Analytics cookie, by installing on their own browser the
      appropriate additional component released by Google and downloadable at the following link,
    • General information on cookies. For more general information on cookies, including how to change,
      manage or delete cookies, we point out the following links: